Alison Feuerwerker

Musician of the GSO since: 2005

Other Orchestral Experience: Waterloo Chamber Players, WLU Orchestra, many others

Academics and teachers: B.Mus Laurier, ARCT in Performance

Other Occupations:  private violin teacher, strings teacher at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate
2012 – 2013, violin teacher Umoja Music School in Tanzania 2011-2012

Q & A with Alison

Why play violin? It is a wonderfully expressive and versatile instrument;
can play in any style and there are violin-like instruments all over the world 

How did you get interested in classical music? Listened to it on the radio with my mom when I was little

Greatest musical influence? Bob Marley, all the African musicians I love, Bach

Best gig you've ever performed at?  Rockin' With the GSO is right up there!

Favourite food? Spicy, international food

Dream Vacation?  South Africa

Outside interests? African drumming, volunteering with ACCKWA (the AIDS committee of Cambridge, Kitchener,
Waterloo and area), writing, theatre, talking with people and finding out what makes them tick, traveling, African music… 

Favourite Works? New World Symphony, Elijah, Mozart Requiem, Beethoven late piano sonatas and string quartets…

Favourite way to relax? Sitting on a patio with a cold drink, watching the world go by

What's a fact no one would know about you? I am an internationally published writer and recording artist! LOL!
(had an article published in a Tanzanian magazine and am on several recordings there)

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