Andrea Cook

Musician of the GSO since: 2009

Other Orchestral Experience: Principal cellist, Cambridge Symphony Orchestra,

various freelance work in London, England, Huntsville Festival Orchestra

Academics and teachers: Shauna Rolston, Marc Johnson (Vermeer Quartet), John Ehrlich,

Zdenick Konicek, Sally Gross

Other Occupations: Suzuki CelloTeacher

Q & A with Andrea

How did you get interested in classical music? I saw a Suzuki demonstration at the
Guelph Public Library when I was 4 years old. They showed the movie "The Violin" 
and afterwards I got Maurice Solway's autograph. I desperately wanted to play 
the violin and begged my parents for lessons every day for a year. By the time they got around
to registering there was only room left in the cello program. Once I started cello though, 
I never looked back!

Favourite indulgence? Reading and eating dark chocolate.

Dream Vacation?  Staying with my family near a beach with good swimming and hiking trails.

Outside interests? Spending time with my husband and daughter, and reading, gardening and swimming.

Favourite Composers? Brahms, Mahler, John Adams and Piazzola.

Favourite way to relax? On a beach on Lake Huron, Georgian Bay or Lake Superior.

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