Jackie Sutherland

Musician of the GSO since: 2011

Other Orchestral Experience: Victoria, Niagara and Hamilton Philharmonic

Academics and teachers: Sydney Humphries, Steven Staryk, and Ralph Aldrich

Other Occupations: Teaching

Q & A with Jackie

Why play viola? I love the sound

How did you get interested in classical music? Through the Vancouver Youth Orchestra

Favourite indulgence? Chocolate

Greatest musical influence? NYO of Canada.

Best gig you've ever performed at?  Playing the Mendelssohn Octet with members of
the Orchestral Training Program

Dream Vacation?  London and Stratford on Avon

Outside interests? Figure Skating

Favourite Composer? Brahms

Favourite Works? Elgar Enigma Variations

Favourite way to relax? Reading and spending time with my grandkids

What's a fact no one would know about you? I walked my first 5K this summer.

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