Jose Molina

Musician of the GSO since: the beginning

Other Orchestral Experience: Victoria Symphony (5 yrs), Thunder Bay Symphony (5 yrs)

KW Symphony (10 yrs)

Academics and teachers: Performance Degree from University of Victoria (Paul Kling, Jaraslav

Karlovsky), Jean-Jacques Kanterow, Basilio Manalo, Adriano Garcia

Other Occupations: Violin teacher, owner Open Strings, 1st violinist Artelli String Quartet

Q & A with Jose

Favourite indulgence? Auctions, Sothebys

Greatest musical influence? My great uncle, a composer himself, came to our house every weekend to conduct our family

Best gig you've ever performed at?  Playing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with my teacher in the concertmaster's chair.

Favourite food?  Barbecued Salmon

Dream Vacations?  Sitting in with the Berlin Philharmonic, a month in Cremona

Outside interests? running, basketball, chess

Favourite Works? Mahler Adagietto, Dvorak Symphonies

Favourite way to relax? Red wine after a concert

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