Josée-Anne Desmarais

Musician of the GSO since: 2008

Other Orchestral Experience: OS des jeunes de Sherbrooke,

OS de l’université de Sherbrooke, Orchestre de musique de film de Sherbrooke

Academics and teachers: Degree in Preschool and Elementary school teaching

(Université de Sherbrooke), Minor in music form Université de Sherbrooke (to be finished).

Other Occupations: I am a mother and a teacher in a francophone elementary school.

Q & A with Josée-Anne

Why play violin? Because my big sister was playing it! But now, I wouldn’t
choose another instrument. I love how expressive it is. I like it for classical, but also for fiddling,
jazz, etc. I love the size, you can carry it everywhere!

Favourite indulgence? Watching movies under a blanket on a rainy day

Greatest musical influence?  a lot of quebecer “chansonniers” : Richard Séguin, Beau Dommage, Gilles Vigneault,
Paul Piché, mes Aieux 

Favourite food? Indian Cusine

Outside interests? hiking, climbing, skiing, bicycling, camping, travelling, African dance, sports, reading, cinema, cooking

Favourite Works? New World Symphony, La moldau (Smetana), The planets (Holst), Violin concerto (Sibelius),
Shéréazade (Rimsky-Korsakoff)

Favourite way to relax? Climb a big mountain then sit back and admire the view 

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