Malgorzata Zak

Musician of the GSO since: 2001

Other Orchestral Experience: Chamber Symphony Orchestra of Lomza, Poland
Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Wroclaw, Poland
Opera House of Wroclaw, Poland
Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra

Academics and teachers: M.Music in Performance and Pedagogy, K. Lipinski University of Music,
Wroclaw, Poland.
Teachers: Maria Poplewski and Stanislaw Grabiec

Other Occupations:
Violin/Viola teacher, Guelph School of Music
Private violin, viola, piano, theory, harmony, music history teacher, all levels.

Q & A with Malgorzata

Why play violin? The Violin conveys some of the deepest and most complex human emotions. It communicates 
collective experiences and the histories of entire regions. My father was adamant that I study Medicine, after I passed 
all entry exams, but I instead decided to enroll at the Wroclaw University of Music – that’s how much the Violin called to me.

How did you get interested in classical music? Classical music is, without a doubt, some of the most 
sophisticated, complex, and deepest form of art available to us. 

Greatest musical influence? David Oistrakh and Chopin

Best gig you've ever performed at?  Performing in many beautiful historical palaces and concert halls on a tour of Bavaria. 

Favourite food? After a trip to Andalusia, Spain, I have fallen in love with the Spanish take on breakfasts – Iberian Ham
(Jamón) prepared in a specifically Catalonian style. 

Outside Interests?  I’ve always been riveted by the lives and history of many illustrious royal characters, whether it be the 
Tudors of England, the Romanovs of Imperial Russia, or the Habsburgs of Spain and Austria-Hungary

Favourite Works? The Six Sonatas and Partitas for the Violin Solo by J.S. Bach are a unique works of art.

Favourite way to relax? traveling in time while reading historic novels and biographies. 

What's a fact no one would know about you? I speak Russian

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