Tony Snyder

Musician of the GSO since: 2005

Other Orchestral Experience: Waterloo Chamber Players, North bay and Sudbury
Symphonies, UWO Orchestra

Academics and teachers: John Simonelli, Ronald George, Robert Creech

Other Occupations: Science teacher, luthier

Q & A with Tony

Why play horn? Playing horn gives me an energy and a focus that spills into
other areas of my life.

How did you get interested in classical music? I grew up with it in the home.

Favourite indulgence? A hike through the forest

Greatest musical influence? James Taylor

Best gig you've ever performed at?  Singing tenor in a performance of Beethoven 9

Favourite food?  Thai

Dream Vacation?  Vienna, Salzburg

Outside interests? Woodworking, instrument making

Favourite Works? Dvorak Symphonies 6 & 7, Brahms Requiem, Strauss Don Juan

What's a fact no one would know about you? If I told you then you'd know.

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