Veronica Kroess

Musician of the GSO since: 2007

Other Orchestral Experience: KW Community Baroque Orchestra,

Waterloo Chamber Players (extra)

Academics and teachers: Various

Other Occupations: Engineer

Q & A with Veronica

Why play violin? Because it was there as a hand me down

Favourite indulgence? Buying musical instruments.  I have several violins 
(modern, baroque, electric and octave), celtic harp, pedal harp, spinet, harpsichord, 
and a hurdy gurdy.

Favourite food?  Chocolate...make that everything except caraway seeds.

Dream Vacation? Travel Europe to study early music and learn Italian, brush up on French and German.

Favourite Composers? Those baroque guys!

Favourite Works? La Bergamasca by Marco Uccellini makes me very happy.

Favourite way to relax? Reading and hanging out with my golden retrievers

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