Keira’s Story

Culture Days with GSO at River Run Centre


CD 1

One day my grandfather took me to a place in Guelph called the River Run Centre, and this is what happened: we were allowed to get dressed up in any costume we wanted. I liked so many costumes, I wanted to try them all!

CD 1c

It was fun pretending to be an actor.

CD 1eCD 1bCD 2e

CD 2

The lady at the piano taught us to sing “la la la”, and later we sang along with the whole orchestra!

CD 4

Then I got to go on the stage and speak in the microphone. The sound man waved at me.

CD 5

The man in charge of the lights showed me what to do.

CD 6

He showed me how he uses the sound board to make everything sound just right.

CD 7

Then he let me press all the buttons I wanted. I made fog come onto the stage.


CD 8

I am listening carefully, so I know what to do next.CD 9 Here we sing our “la la la” with the musicians.

CD 10

I got to touch the big bass and listen to its sound.

CD 11

I also got to play the big drums.

CD 12

The cellist showed me how to play his instrument.

CD 13

I felt the sounds with my hands.

CD 14

The last instrument I got to play was a cello my size.

CD 15

I had a great time pretending I was an actor and a musician!




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